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With our proven leaders in the regulated cannabis, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical sectors, Peak Processing has the knowledge and expertise to support our partners every step of the way. Our team doesn’t just stay ahead of the curve, we move quickly to create entirely new ones. Trust us to leverage our extensive industry experience to bring innovative solutions and products to market that meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

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Barry Katzman
Managing Director

Barry Katzman is an accomplished senior executive and entrepreneur with a strong background in beverage alcohol and, for the past several years in the cannabis sector. After a stint at Molson Breweries where he oversaw Sales for 4 districts in Eastern Ontario, Mr. Katzman entered the Canadian Wine Industry when the industry was rapidly moving to quality and estate-based entries. In a 15+ year span Mr. Katzman helped pioneer the entire sector as President and part owner of 6 different wineries including wineries such as Creekside Estates, Stoney Ridge Estates, Mike Weir Winery, Wayne Gretzky Estate Winery, and the establishment of many other iconic Canadian brands including the Tragically Hips wine. Mr. Katzman is a senior advisor to and Board Member of several companies and co-owns Hemp Energy Drink. Mr. Katzman was a founder of Tidal Health, a medically focused cannabis producer in the Maritimes; and most recently in his role as Executive Chairman of Terrafarma Inc and Thrive Cannabis Mr. Katzman led the deal team in their integrated sale and Amalgamation with Aurora Cannabis for $68 million. Mr. Katzman has been recognized on numerous occasions with multiple awards in the wine sector and for development in business and philanthropic efforts in Niagara. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from Niagara University in New York.

Ian Scott
Chief Operations Officer

Ian has over a decade of experience in medical device development and manufacturing spanning surgical robotics, consumable medical products, and most recently cannabis.

Previously, Ian was Director of Operational Strategy at one of the largest cannabis producers in Canada, where he was responsible for new product development, process automation and equipment procurement. In this role Ian successfully developed and launched a wide range of new cannabis products into the Canadian recreational market.

Amy Kelly
Vice President of Human Resources & Global Culture

Amy joined our Peak team in 2020, as a proven human resources executive with over a decade worth of labour and management experience across North America and Europe. Through leadership and training roles, Amy brings expertise in areas of global people management strategies, occupational health and safety foundations, diversity and inclusivity implementation, and thorough involvement in Canadian labour relations law and employment regulations.

As a graduate of the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business, Amy has worked in multiple industries such as Solar, Warehousing and Distribution and most recently, as Human Resources Leader at Presteve Foods, where she developed an industry-leading inclusive workforce to support North America’s #1 wild-caught, fresh-water fish provider.

Amy’s passion for people management and employee engagement has shown proven results to decrease turnover and increase employee satisfaction in all roles she held.

Justin Binder, PhD
Director of Research & Development

Justin holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Windsor. He has 6 years of research experience in synthetic chemistry and has authored over 35 peer-reviewed research articles and conference presentations. Justin has received numerous awards from the University of Windsor, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC) and the American Chemical Society in recognition of his scientific achievements. Justin currently leads several cross-disciplinary research initiatives focused on novel delivery methods for cannabis extracts and their applications in consumer-packaged goods

Alexia Conti
Director of Regulatory and Government Affairs

As the Director of Regulatory and Government Affairs, Alexia brings a wealth of experience and expertise with a career dedicated to navigating the complex landscape of the cannabis industry.

She previously served roles in Quality and International Regulatory at a leading cannabis company. With deep roots in the industry, Alexia’s expertise is grounded in practicality and a keen understanding of the evolving regulatory framework. Her commitment to compliance ensures we meet all regulatory requirements and leads our advocacy efforts for favourable regulations that are conducive to growth and innovation.

Alexia plays a pivot role in our business and customer’s success, ensuring that we navigate the complexities of the cannabis sector with a balanced and strategic approach.

Graham Hamilton
Director of Marketing & Commercial

Graham Hamilton is a dynamic Director of Marketing & Commercial at Peak Processing Solutions in Canada. Renowned for blending data-driven insights with creative vision, he excels at building brands that captivate consumers and promote lasting engagement. His innovative marketing strategies have consistently driven growth, enhanced brand visibility, and increased market share. At Peak Processing Solutions, Graham’s leadership has been pivotal in propelling the company’s commercial objectives in a competitive market. His inclusive leadership style, coupled with his ability to communicate effectively, promotes a collaborative team environment that consistently delivers impactful marketing campaigns. In short, Graham Hamilton is a seasoned marketing expert with a flair for creating resonant brands and driving business growth.

Prince Adjei
Director of Production

Prince is a proven leader in Operations Management with expertise in startups and team building, developing operational strategies and production scale-up. Prior to joining Peak Processing Solutions, Prince was integral in the startup and success of one of the largest cannabis producers in the world where he was responsible for production scale-up, process implementation and documentation.  

Prince is committed to developing operational strategies to advance and grow Peak’s portfolio in a challenging cannabis industry. With a master’s degree in Public Policy and Public Administration as well as Certificate in Supply Chain Management, Prince has a wide array of skillset and this attest to his success in the field of Operations Management.

Chris Laliberté
Director of Corporate & Legal Affairs

As the Director of Corporate & Legal Affairs at Peak Processing Solutions, Chris Laliberté advances the strategic direction of our company while ensuring legal compliance and risk management. During his career, Chris has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and translate them into actionable business strategies. By seamlessly integrating legal considerations with corporate objectives, Chris fosters a culture of innovation while safeguarding our company’s integrity.

Chris’s dedication to excellence is evident in his adept handling of contractual negotiations, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property matters. His insights not only mitigate legal risks but also open avenues for growth and expansion. Beyond his legal acumen, Chris is a collaborative leader who fosters cross-functional partnerships, driving synergy across teams and optimizing our operational efficiency.

His unwavering commitment to excellence makes him an invaluable asset to both our team and our clients.

Chris holds a Bachelor in Civil Law as well as a Bachelor of Laws from McGill University, and has practiced as a barrister and solicitor in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario since his call to the bar in 2018.

Michelle Jorge
Director of Quality

Michelle Jorge, Director of Quality, leads the company’s quality and product safety systems both in Canada and internationally. 

With over a decade of quality food and beverage manufacturing experience, Michelle played an integral role in creating and implementing robust quality programs that built the foundation for securing Peaks Health Canada Cannabis License and GFSI SQF Certification. 

What truly sets Michelle apart, is her dedication to excellence and driving force in maintaining quality at the forefront of the business; consistently striving to improve processes and deliver safe, quality products to our valued customers. 

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